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Sabira Merchants seminar at Hotel Leela on Wednesday 23.06.2010, Thursday 24.06.2010 and Friday 25.06.2010


Sabira Merchant's Workshop



The sessions consist of:

  • Self-assessment and brief introduction of each individual and a discussion following of how the speech pattern, diction and body language can be improved upon. The interactive sessions eases the atmosphere as everyone has some areas that need improvement. This is followed by exercises in speech and diction where each person needs and joins in mutual discussions. At the end of this session the group gets honest appraisal of each other from a personal point of view and that of the instructor.


  • The sessions includes various verbal exercises to polish enunciation and pronunciations. Words that are practically used everyday but mispronounced and not understood are tackled and the student uses these within the context of a complex sentence which examines the correct use of grammar. Voice modulation in using the correct range and level of tone are an underlying part of almost every session. Being an expressly interactive and unstructured course, there is total freedom for the participant to interrupt and ask questions – even those that do not pertain to the discussion.
  • Conversational skills are practiced at every level – social and business if desired – putting across your point of view emphatically and convincingly. Homophones – words that are confusing as they are similar sounding but different in meaning and spelling are worked on. Each student gets chance to speak and use a set of words. Commonly used Latin. French and Italian phrases are correctly taught e.g the meaning of “quid pro quo” which is used so often and the meaning and usage not thoroughly understood. These phrases are used in legal practice and in references throughout the world. Any individual who believes that he is adept at the language should wield these with subtlety.


  • By now the participants would have realized their areas of weakness and how they should reach the platform where they could be at the least – passable public speakers (when and if the occasion arises.) this session is extremely interactive and enjoyable and set up to shed inhibitions. It is very effective in breaking in breaking personal and social barriers. – the participants combined in sets of two or three, design their own ‘plot’ and enact emotions which are usually buried deep within the psyche. At the end of this session – they are relaxed – “at home” with each other and now feel that they are capable to move another session
  • The samples of speeches will be distributed to the participants at the beginning of the sessions along with the other notes. They can use some of the phrases and words, but originality of the ideas, vocabulary and delivery are to be aimed at.


  • Usages of regular megaphones as well as taped mikes are taught. Each participants gets up – moves to the podium and delivers a) A welcome address or a vote of thanks and also a speech which has been written by them for about 2 minutes. The    strengths and weaknesses of this ‘public speaking’ exercise are discussed with each candidate. If possible the group is videotaped and the tape played back so they see themselves in ‘replay’. All individuals are handled with a great deal of tact and humor.
  • There is a session devoted entirely to ‘fine dining’. Which relies on Sabira’s experience and since she’s so well versed with French to discuss culinary terms, etiquette – of all kinds – business and social – learning to read menus and culinary terms which are puzzling. If desired. Wines, Champagnes and Liqueurs are discussed. The entire meal is explained in detail from start to finish including cell phone and smoking etiquette. This is usually rounded off by an actual meal – three courses – where we really have a wonderful time and put into practice all that we have learnt. The raising of toasts is also practiced at this session. The entire course is energized and is an excellent stimulus to the continuous process of self-improvement.




Self assessment and brief introduction of each individual
Identifying individual areas that need improvement- speech pattern, diction, body language, enunciation and pronunciations
Conversational Techniques
Build self-confidence and self-esteem
Voice modulation
Greetings, Introductions the art of small talk-
Making a Great First Impression
Visiting cards exchange
How to make proper introductions,
Paying & receiving compliments,
Small Talk & Networking, Increase valuable business relationships
Designer terminology
Body Language, Poise, Eye Contact

 Fine dining.
World Class Entertaining
Host, Hostess, and Guest Responsibilities
American and Continental Styles of Eating
RSVP  , Seating Arrangements
Silverware Savvy , The Role of the Napkin
Toasting, Receiving Lines
Wines, Champagnes and Liqueurs are discussed
How to Eat Various Foods, Foods to Avoid
Travel etiquette
Business Attire -Clothes and Corporate Culture
Corporate role play
Personal Props and Accessories for Men and Women
Color Strategies for Everyone
Developing Your Professional and Personal Image
Pronunciation Of Luxury Brands.
Thank You Notes

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